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This is some of the work carried out by a customer on an SC631E.

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These are the cutters we hold in stock

There are a large number of cutters on the market and a number of them come from China.

When those in the industry think of China and Cutters they often steer clear of them as the seem to think they are either substandard or are sold without back up. This is where Mistatees is different. Whilst we have not been in the industry for a long time we do have 32 years experience in mission critical 24/7 operations and although this is not needed in vinyl cutting it is nice to know we understand what is needed to keep things going come what may. One interesting fact that should get you thinking is that TomTom GPS units are made in China.

710mm range

This is the SC631 and comes complete with quality stand , leads,blades and driver software.





This is the SC631E and comes complete with quality stand , leads, blades vinyl rollers and driver software. It is actually identical to the SC631 but has an optical eye fitted to enable you to contour cut.
The TC 631 is the top of the range and provides extra speed and accuracy over the SC range. Again it comes with quality stand , leads,blades and driver software.



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